My name is Sonia. I am your personal Account Manager here at FABRITEC. I have 27 years’ experience as a personal Account Manager, and after so many years, there is very little I have not experienced. Regardless of the complexity of the product you want or the problem you need solved, I can handle it. I am the person you need to call no matter what you need.

My daily goal is to process your orders as fast as I can… and to make sure they come out right. Where there is a problem, I take care of it with as little bother to you as possible.

Our policy is to handle your custom orders so that you get exactly what you expect. I will personally give each order my highest attention on your behalf, and I will see that they get shipped on time.

Call me at 800.828.2500 or 818.503.8300 ext. 3015 anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.