• This distinctive Roman shade forms a soft center swag and side tails on the bottom edge when raised. However, when fully lowered, the shade lays flat with a simple straight bottom edge.
  • Small visible tack stitches add character to the face of this shade.
  • A very versatile style, the Venice works well in all design settings from clean and contemporary to traditional and refined.
  • Because of the side detailing, this style is best used as a stand-alone treatment or under top treatments, but not with side panels or tiebacks.


  • Ideal for fabrics with patterns as it does not have horizontal seams or detailing that can detract from the design.
  • All types of fabrics will work for this style. However, different fabrics will result in different looks. For example, shades made with soft flowing material will take on a relaxed fluid appearance, whereas shades made of fabrics with a stiff body will have a tendency to billow or blouse.


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