• Similar to the Tahoe, this relaxed Roman shade has a soft curved shape along the bottom edge. When raised, because of the construction, the sides are not completely straight. The Reno retains its soft curved shape regardless of it’s position, whereas the Tahoe is flat, with a straight bottom edge when fully lowered.
  • A very versatile style, the Reno works well in all design settings from clean and contemporary to traditional and refined. Its simple functionality will work in any room.
  • Often used in stand-alone treatments, but can also be used under a valance or in a layered treatment.


  • Ideal for fabrics with patterns as it does not have horizontal seams or detailing that can detract from the design.
  • Fabric choice is critical to this style. Fabrics must be soft and pliable to achieve the casual look of the illustration above. If you use heavy or stiff handed fabrics, you cannot expect the relaxed, casual look that is typical of this style.
  • Sheers and casements work very well with this style.


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