• This style is almost identical to the California style in that it is crafted with rear-facing folds which are held in place with the aid of grommets. However, the Malibu has 6 sets of grommets that are spaced 1″ apart between 6″ vertical spacing of the shade, thus creating an interesting alternating pattern on the face of the shade.
  • The space between the grommet tack points creates five rows of soft folds on the front of the shade. Stays placed in the lining add structure and stability to the style.
  • Unique, and full of character, this shade adds a distinctive flare at the window. Because this shade has lots of surface interest, the drama of this style is best seen when the shade is lowered.


  • Works well with heavier, tightly woven, or stiff-handed fabrics.
  • Solids or vertical stripes work very well with this style. Patterns will be interrupted by pleats. With some patterns this might not matter, but be aware.
  • Can be made with any fabric, but appearance can vary dramatically depending on how soft and pliable the fabric is.


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